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Icons and stickers

Everyone likes stickers, especially when they’re Moo custom-printed stickers. Click the button below, using Moo’s new XML API, to start creating cool stickerbooks from the OSM and OCM logos. Just for fun, I’ve thrown in my icons too :-)

Make cool stickers out of icons!

Update: The images on the chooser page look a bit pony, but don’t worry; thats an aliasing artefact. Also, there is currently a problem with transparent PNGs which give the images a black background, but the guys at Moo are working on a fix.

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Icons 0.3

More icons! And this time they’re PD licensed.

The fire station / department icon is now less suggestive. Unless you’ve got a really, really dirty mind :-)

The police, convenience and synagogue icons have been touched-up to render better at 16×16.

Several new icons have been added:

  • School: A chalkboard seems an obvious icon (although most schools probably use whiteboards now), with a simple sum on it. The alternative, using “ABC”, seems a bit latin alphabet centric.
  • Hindu temple: Uses a PD “Om” symbol from wikimedia commons.
  • Pastafarian: Just for laughs. According to tagwatch, we don’t actually have any… yet. ;-)
  • Sikh temple: Uses a PD “Khanda” symbol, again from wikimedia commons.
  • Pharmacies: Both dispensing and non-dispensing according to what seems to be the common convention.
  • Post box: Its supposed to be a letter going into a slot, but it isn’t as clear as it could be.
  • Telephone: This is a pretty standard-looking icon.
  • Hotel: This is also pretty conventional, should be recognisable world-wide.
  • Taxi rank: Represents a taxi cab… Given that a 16×16 icon is too small to use text, I hope that the car with a little “bump” on the top is recognisable in most countries.


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