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I’m sure this has been much-blogged-about, but Tony Blair’s monologue really saddens me. I just get an overwhelming sense of you’re wrong, I’m right from this article, which is totally the wrong attitude for someone who has been elected.

But first, the true record.

Because we’re incapable of finding out the reality of what Blair has been doing for ourselves? The freedom of information act? Yeah, right. That seems to be working really, really, really well…

Antisocial behaviour isn’t susceptible to normal court process.

And the evidence for this is…?

Modern organised crime is really ugly, with groups, often from overseas, frequently prepared to use horrific violence.

Because, of course, old-fashioned organised crime was genteel, civilised. And, of course, bugger all has actually happened to the crime rate, which has been rising for the last 20 years.

For me, this is not an issue of liberty but of modernity.

Once we’re all owned by public-private partnerships will we be modern enough? Private sector good, public sector baaad

People should be prevented from glorifying terrorism.

People should be prevented from ignoring the opinion of between three-quarters and two million electors. But thats just my opinion, which will be ignored, like always.

Most people already have a range of different cards, for workplace, bank or leisure.

Yes, but they’re federated. I can choose what information they have (by only sharing so much information with the companies – this is why I don’t have loyalty cards). The government is shouting loud that ID cards won’t have information about “race, religion, sexuality, health, criminal record or political beliefs” stored on the card. They say nothing about the database for “joined-up government services” – i.e: DNA, fingerprints, national insurance, income tax, the NHS, driving licences, vehicle owners, passport holders and voters. Read all about it.

If the nature of the threat changes, so should our policies.

And if the threat is your policies?

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Last weekend I went for an eye test, proving that I’ve become blinder in the past few years… (Yeah, I know. I should have an eye test every year…) So this weekend I went to get new glasses. Now I am poor.

I understand that glasses cost quite a bit of money, and I’m not complaining – after all; I prefer to be able to see than not. But there’s nothing like spending the better part of a grand to make you feel simultaneously excited and guilty.

I was going to blog about the new laptop I was deciding to get, but it’ll have to wait now. Which is probably a good thing, as the new Intel Core Duo laptops look very good – they’re breaking the 5 hour battery life mark with twice the processing power of previous laptops. The Averatec 1050 looks very nice, if it weren’t for the horrible burgundy colour lid (it isn’t dual-core, though). So, while I save up again, I’ll have plenty of time to decide which, if any, of the new Intel-based laptops are good.

Mind you, I did get some prescription sunglasses. They’re always very expensive, but I’ll look so cool 8-)

February 26th, 2006

Big Sister

So the government decided to ban smoking, impose limits on some free speech and want to keep tabs on us whatever the cost

Don’t worry, Big Sister is looking out for you: Making sure you don’t hurt youself. Or say anything naughty. Or do anything without her knowing.

I’m not going to repeat all the criticism of ID cards, smoking bans, etc… because anyone with half a brain can see the problems with proscribing citizens’ freedoms.

The sad thing is: I didn’t protest any of this. Well, I couldn’t protest within 1km of Parliament anyway, because that is now also illegal (Big Sister doesn’t want you near her room?). I’ve written to my MP before and he has voted more-or-less the way I’d have wanted him to.

I’ve made no difference. My MP and his whole party made no difference. Somewhere between 750,000 and 2,000,000 people marching through London made no difference (in 2003).

Ergo, nothing will make a difference. I might as well stop caring. Or emigrate.

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Last week I went skiing for the first time in like ten years. It was surprising how quickly it all came back, well… some of it anyway. Clearly, I’ve lost a lot of general fitness since then, because my legs really, really ached afterwards.

February 16th, 2006


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