New blog

It's been almost a whole decade since my first blog post and, in a weird kind of celebration, I've just finished getting rid of that whole wordpress blog and started using something more Jekyll-like. Hurrah.

It's not actually Jekyll, as I couldn't figure out how to get that to work the way I wanted to, so I ended up just hacking a little script together. After all, these posts are only a bit of YAML metadata tacked onto a Markdown body, and generating the rest is a breeze.

Comments are difficult, though. Most people with static blogs seem to punt on the issue and just use Disqus, and allow Disqus to track and store all kinds of information about the people who visit their site. I didn't want to do that, so I wrote a puny little, very basic blog comments server which lacks almost all the features you'd want, except that it does actually store and serve blog comments.

As you can tell from the timestamp on that repo, I've basically spent the last two years working on getting this ready... so it won't come as any great surprise to anyone when I probably don't blog very frequently. But hey, plus ├ža change.


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